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-Patriot Cleaning Supply- Houston Bleach and Liquid Chlorine Distributor – Pool Shock wholesaler in Katy, TX for Bulk Sodium Hypochlorite

Got Bleach? We Do! $3.00+tax A gallon!

We supply bulk liquid chlorine for pool owners as well as pool cleaning and pressure washing companies in Houston and Katy, TX!

Are you buying your sodium hypochlorite a few gallons at a time from a pool supply store?  WHY??  Bring a tank or a drum and fill up with liquid pool shock at Patriot Cleaning Supply and save yourself a ton of time and money and beat your competition! Our liquid chlorine is 12.5% which is stronger than you will likely find at your pool store and certainly stronger than and bleach you will find at Walmart, Home Depot or any grocery store. 

Buying bulk liquid bleach from us is far more convenient than stopping and picking it up every few days and because ours is stronger you will use less – so you are saving both time and money!

About Us

Welcome to Patriot Cleaning Supply!  We have been in the pressure washing industry since 2005 and recognize how hard it is to find a dependable sodium hypochlorite supplier in the Houston area.  We have solved this problem by offering bulk liquid chlorine at wholesale prices!

Most pool cleaning companies are still paying way too much for liquid pool shock and going way out of their way to pick it up.  Why not set up a tank at your shop and buy in bulk so you can save time and money??  We also have an exchange program like you are probably used to but we are more affordable and our chlorine is almost certainly stronger than you are getting currently – it’s a true win/win!

your local chlorine supplier for houston and katy!

Who can buy bulk bleach


pool cleaning companies

If you’re in the business of cleaning pools in Katy or the Houston area you know how valuable and necessary liquid pool shock is!  Now you can buy bulk chlorine and save time and money!


commercial pools

Neighborhood pools, swim parks, YMCA, hello Typhoon Texas!  If you manage a pool chances are you could save a lot of hassle getting your pool shock in bulk instead of getting it a couple of gallons at a time – why not find out?

Cleaning with high pressure

Pressure Wash Services

I think the secret is out that pressure washing companies use a lot of bleach…at least the good ones do!  Don’t be the guy emptying gallons of bleach into your tank at the Walmart parking lot.  Get it in bulk and save time and money!


roof cleaning services

If you are cleaning roofs without bleach you’re doing it all wrong!  The average roof takes 30 gallons of 12.5% Sodium hypochlorite so it makes sense to buy in bulk from Patriot Cleaning Supply!


Pool owners

Most pool owners probably buy their liquid pool shock from a local pool supply store and don’t realize they’re paying way too much!  Buy in bulk from us and save every time you shock!

buy a little or buy a lot - we have you covered!

We can fill the tanks you bring to us or we have 5-gallon jugs we sell on an exchange program.  5-gallon jugs of bleach are $25 if you do not have one of our jugs to exchange and only $15 when you bring an empty jug back and exchange it for a full jug! 

5 Gallon Jugs

15 Gallon Jugs

55 Gallon Drums

Bring any size container and we can fill it up with fresh liquid pool shock for you.  We will also have tanks, jugs and drums for sale if you don’t have your own!

A Cleaner Of Many Names






Sodium hypochlorite






liquid gold

Contact the best chlorine distributor in katy

Why Choose Us?

Choose Patriot Cleaning Supply when you need to buy bulk bleach or pool shock

Save time

Can anything be more convenient that showing up with an empty tank or drum and leaving with a tank or drum of liquid gold in  just a few minutes?  Our pumps can fill you up quick so you will be back on your way cleaning and making money!

save money

Our liquid chlorine will always be less expensive than you can find it by the gallon in any store.  We will beat the prices you get at any pool supply house by a significant margin and make your life easier by helping you set up a tank and pump at your shop if needed!

12.5 % strength

No need to mess with 3% bleach from the dollar store or 6.25% from the grocery store.  Walmart and the pool supply store may have 10% but how long has it been on the shelf losing strength?  We get deliveries above 13% weekly so it is always the strongest!

Frequently Asked Questions

We will have pre-filled 5 gallon jugs available and you can bring your own drum, jug or tank and we will fill as much as you can take!

Filling up with bulk liquid chlorine is fast with the systems we use.  We can set it anywhere from around 3gpm to fill up a jug up to over 20 gpm to fill up a large tank or even an ibc tote!

We are getting deliveries about once per week.  We store it out of direct sunlight in a double walled tank and the warehouse has climate control so it will not lose any measurable amount of strength by the time you get it!

Yes, unfortunately there is an additional 8.25% sales tax that we must collect and send to the state of Texas.

If you can store your pool shock out of direct sunlight and preferably as close to 60 degrees as possible it will last almost forever.  Do not add anything to it while it is stored or it may degrade quickly and try to keep it stored in a tightly closed container.

Yes we can!  If you would like help setting up a tank or drum at your shop we are happy to help.  We can set up a gravity fed system if you are filling up buckets or bottles and we can set up a pump system if you are filling other tanks or drums. 

Patriot Cleaning Supply

2910 N Mason Rd #1

Katy, TX 77449

(832) 509-1961

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Saturday by appointment only